Meals & Wheels

We definitely make an entrance.

The Ring-of-Fire Truck

Military Truck + Shipping Container + Wood Burning Oven = Ring of Fire.¬†This is not your Grand Pappy’s food truck. It’s not a food truck at all really. Except for the fact that it’s a truck. And you get get food from it. Originally we intended Ring of Fire (or ROF for short) to be an actual food truck. After all it’s what the cool kids were doing. And maybe one day we’ll go there. But we have found that our statement-making Beast on Ten Wheels has become an integral part of our client’s events, making ROF more than just the caterer, but part of the whole event experience.

The PieCycle: Ring of Fire Sidewinder

The ROF Sidewinder PieCycle answers the age-old question what if someone put a wood-burning oven on a trailer and pulled it behind a motorcycle with a side car?¬†Well, challenge accepted. Tagging along for larger events, or arriving on it’s own for smaller gatherings, the Sidewinder PieCycle is capable of providing 500cc’s of catering performance.

The Culinary Caravan

We are expanding our fleet! Watch this space for more info soon.