Hot, Sweet, Spicy

It’s all about the wood.

Warning, do NOT view this page on an empty stomach.
Stay tuned while we cook up some content.


Our style of food…

The is something magical that happens when you take opposing flavor forces and melt them together in a red-hot wood fired brick oven. Here, spicy meets sweet in a culinary mashup that’s both bold and beautiful.

What are you hungry for?

Brisket? You bet. Pizza? It’s sorta what we do. Hungry enough to eat a whole hog? We’ll put it in sliders and tacos. Ribs, Links, Shrimp, Salmon… whatever gets your mouth watering and your fingers full of sauce, that’s what we love to make. Menus are customizable, but we never stray from that incredible edible combo of sweet and spicy that we are known for.


So, hungry yet?